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Winter Solstice 2021: Date, Time and Significance of the Shortest Day Of The Year

Winter Solstice 2021: Tuesday, December 21 is a day of nice occasions, because it marks the Winter Solstice. Also often called December solstice, hiemal solstice or hibernal solstice, the occasion takes place when one of many Earth’s pole is tilted away from the solar at its most distance. Apparently, this causes the day to have the shortest interval of daylight as a result of being away from the solar, with the longest night time of the yr. This day is marked as soon as yearly on both December 21 or 22 largely in nations witnessing the winter season, like UK, US, India, Russia, China and Canada.

The exact second of the winter solstice – when the Earth’s north pole factors instantly away from the solar, and the solar is instantly over the tropic of capricorn, at about 23.four levels south – takes place at 09:28 PM IST. The Winter solstice dawn can be at 7:10 am and sundown at 5:29 pm, in keeping with drikpanchang.

As we rejoice the winter solstice on December 21, right here’s a take a look at just a few details it is best to know:

The winter solstice is popularly mentioned to mark the ‘birth of the sun’, as for the hemisphere away from the star, the times start to get longer after at present, whereas the nights will begin to get shorter.

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For the December solstice, it’s the northern hemisphere that’s away from the Sun, whereas it marks the graduation of astronomical summer time within the southern hemisphere.

The phrase ‘Solstice’ is derived from the Latin scientific time period ‘solstitium’. While ‘sol’ stands for solar, the previous participle of ‘sistere’ means “to make stand.” Therefore, the free translation of solstice means ‘sun standing still’.

Since time immemorial, there are numerous traditions and rituals related to the day. In Iran, individuals rejoice the competition of Yalda, whereas it marked the delivery of Mithra, the traditional solar god, within the pre-Islamic instances.

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