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Senator Whitehouse Exposes Plot To Seize Supreme Court

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse exposes the the Kavanaugh scheme that captured the Supreme Court.

What is being hidden from the American public? Were procedures ignored throughout Trump’s presidency, or was the process to disregard procedures? Did Trump’s White House management the FBI to their very own acquire? And the place does Brett Kavanaugh slot in?

Former Senator Sheldon Whitehouse joins Thom Hartmann to debate the actions of the FBI throughout Trump’s reign and why this needs to be investigated.

The Thom Hartmann Program covers numerous matters together with immigration reform, authorities intrusion, privateness, international coverage, and home points. More individuals take heed to or watch the TH program than another progressive speak present on the planet! Join them. #MorefromThom

The Thom Hartmann Program is on Free Speech TV every weekday from 12-Three pm EST.

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