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Right Word | NATO is a assure for peace and Russia can’t settle for it due to its imperialism: Polish Ambassador

Polish Ambassador Adam Burakowski stated that Poland understood the finer nuances of India’s stand on the Ukraine-Russia battle

Russia is a despotic, tyrannical and autocratic system and it’s harmful for the entire world. It is Russian imperialism that has led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The excuse given by Russia that it was compelled to invade Ukraine as a result of rising sphere of the affect of NATO is a smokescreen. The actual intention behind Russia’s invasion is its tendency to subjugate different nations due to its imperialistic system.

These have been a few of the ideas expressed by Ambassador of Poland to India Adam Burakowski in an unique interview with the author. Burakowski, by the way, is a political scientist and never a profession diplomat and his space of specialisation has been Indian historical past. He additionally speaks and understands Hindi fairly nicely.

Burakowski speaks fairly passionately in relation to the difficulty of the Russia-Ukraine battle as his nation not solely shares a border with Russia however it is usually house to greater than 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine. Poland has provided ammunition to Ukrainian forces and pledged its assist to the current regime in Ukraine which is preventing towards Russian forces on the bottom for the final eight weeks. However, Poland can be getting a report variety of refugees that pose a formidable problem for this east European nation which was as soon as occupied by the erstwhile Soviet Union and was pressured to have a communist regime. Poland unshackled itself in 1999 and was fast to hitch the European Union and NATO.

On Ukrainian Refugees

“We already have more than 2.5 million refugees from Ukraine. These refugees are almost exclusively women and children. And they are being received very warmly by the Polish society. Many of them just spent their time in apartments of private people whom they didn’t know. Poles accepted Ukrainians as their families. All the government institutions are helping to facilitate this process. They helped Ukrainians to come to Poland. Ukrainians have been given medical care in Poland, their children have been admitted to the Polish schools from day one. Also all the non-governmental organisations are helping Ukrainians.”

On NATO’s position

A bit of analysts has blamed NATO’s makes an attempt to encircle Russia for the current battle as NATO has included in its fold a number of east European nations that turned unbiased and democratic nations within the Post-Soviet period. Ukraine would have been the final straw, in accordance with these analysts. So Russia was, in a manner, compelled to invade Ukraine to cease it from changing into a member of NATO along with different causes.


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However, Ambassador Burakowski debunks this principle, calling it Russian propaganda. In an in depth response on this concern, he commented, “NATO is a defence alliance. Poland is a member. And we always wanted to be a member. But we could not join earlier as we were under Soviet occupation. Once we got rid of the Soviet conquest and we transitioned to a democratic society, it was natural for us to join Western structures such as NATO and the European Union. And the same is true for every member of NATO from the eastern flank. A few days ago we published a letter of Ambassadors of ‘Bucharest Nine’ — the nine countries that joined NATO after 1999 — and we explained that it is the will of our population, nobody has forced us to join NATO.”

“NATO is a guarantee for peace and Russia cannot accept it because of their imperialist way of thinking. They really think in a very imperialistic way which is dangerous to the whole world and I know India emerged as an independent state on anti-imperialistic grounds. So anti-imperialism is a common value between Poland and India, but Russia still lives in this imperialistic way of thinking. It can’t accept that some countries are independent like Ukraine.”

Ukraine and NATO

Speaking strongly in assist of Ukraine’s proper to hitch NATO has been opposed by Russia, Ambassador Burakowski stated, “Ukraine is an independent sovereign state. Ukraine has every right to make a decision about its future according to the will of their citizens. And we fully recognise this.”

On NATO being accused of encircling Russia, Ambassador Burakowski stated, “If you look at the map, you will see how low the percentage of Russian border is with NATO countries. This is kind of a thing, I can’t even comment because this is Russian propaganda, I don’t know who can believe it. It’s beyond my imagination to believe that NATO is encircling Russia.”

Strengthening NATO

When requested that NATO appears to be pushed by the US and a handful of choose European nations with different members being mute spectators or merely followers, Burakowski stated, “NATO is a democratic alliance of democratic countries, so all the decisions are taken collectively and what we are doing now is to strengthen the eastern flank because we see that Russia is a super aggressive state and the biggest threat to our security. So we need to strengthen our eastern border. Russia just disclosed its idea to conquer other states by military force which is against any international law, against any human way of thinking. They just want to have military conquests and we have to be ready for it and we are.”

On rising world safety state of affairs

Burakowski emphasised the necessity to finish wars and concentrate on financial progress. When requested concerning the rising world safety state of affairs in wake of the continued Russia-Ukraine battle, the Polish Ambassador candidly stated, “We still don’t know what will be the outcome of the war, but we are committed to fight for a stable, secure world. We don’t consider invading other countries as a method to find a solution to any problem…”

On India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine battle

Burakowski indicated that Poland understood the finer nuances of India’s stand on this battle as he commented, “India has given many statements in the UN, all of them going in the same direction, pointing out some bad things without naming who has done them. This is different from our(Polish) stand because we condemned Russian aggression and we stand with Ukraine.”

On Polish-India relationship

Burakowski feels that the connection between the 2 nations has been making regular progress. The Indian diaspora can be increasing in Poland. During the preliminary days of the Russia-Ukraine battle, Poland helped to evacuate 4,000 Indian college students who have been finding out in Ukraine and had entered Poland by means of the Ukrainian border. “Poland was the first one to help,” stated Burakowski.

He recalled that in World War II, the Maharaja of Jamnagar, Gujarat, and the royal household of Kolhapur in Maharashtra had established and run two camps for Polish refugees who had landed in India. In the Jamnagar camp, there have been round 800 kids whereas the Kolhapur camp had round 5,000 refugees. “They spent their war years in India. So, it was a unique event that bound our nations together,” stated Burakowski.

The author, an writer and columnist, has written a number of books. Views expressed are private.

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