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nal von minden GmbH | Can a urine check act as an early warning system for a extreme course of an infection with COVID?

Acute kidney failure is without doubt one of the most harmful penalties of a coronavirus an infection. It’s no marvel that an increasing number of sufferers are asking: What can I do to guard my kidneys? Above all, it is very important recurrently monitor kidney operate utilizing means comparable to urine evaluation. The Reactif urine assessments from the medical-technology firm nal von minden, which relies in Germany, decide as much as 14 well being and kidney-related parameters inside a matter of seconds. The check serves docs and home-users as a diagnostic support for the monitoring of a variety of health-related parameters.

“For people who are – or have been – infected with coronavirus, checking the kidneys regularly can really bring peace of mind,” says Roland Meißner, CEO at nal von minden GmbH. “A urine test is a good way of identifying potential changes in kidney function”, says Meißner. “A urine test provides patients with extra surety. It is an excellent method of monitoring. The earlier potential kidney damage is recognised, the better it can be treated.”

What can I do to protect my kidneys?

What can I do to guard my kidneys?

The Reactif urine check seems to be at a wide range of parameters for the aim of monitoring general well being, kidney operate included. Tests for skilled use can check as much as 14 parameters, whereas these for personal use check as much as 11 parameters (see information field), certainly one of which is protein. The presence of small quantities of protein in urine is regular and no trigger for concern. However, massive quantities might be an indicator of kidney injury. Another vital parameter is white blood cells (leukocytes): Increased ranges in urine can signify a kidney an infection.

The Reactif urine check might be carried out by docs in a GP observe or by people at residence, as it is usually designed for self-testing. The check process is fast and straightforward: Simply dip the check strip in urine, then take away it. Depending on the parameter, outcomes might be accessible inside 60 – 120 seconds. Place the check strip subsequent to the reference color chart and evaluate the color panels.

“In the event of deviation from normal levels, the affected individual should contact their doctor for further diagnosis,” advises Meißner. The nal von minden CEO doesn’t see the urine check as a substitute for a go to to your GP, however fairly as a way of offering further safety for sufferers who had been – or are – contaminated with coronavirus. “Parameters tested by your GP can be checked over in order to shed light on any potential irregularities.”

Above all, Meißner hopes that monitoring kidney ranges will help to forestall deterioration and even loss of life. As a number of research (see under) have already proven, COVID-19 impacts not solely the lungs but in addition the kidneys. Even in delicate circumstances, it’s common to see adjustments within the urine. In extreme circumstances, the kidneys can fail fully and this will usually be lethal. Meißner explains that “the urine test is an early warning system for severe COVID cases.”

The Reactif urine check is already accessible. It prices roughly 15 euros for 100 check strips. Professional customers can purchase the assessments instantly from nal von minden GmbH at Private customers can discover the assessments at

Kidney failure. The kidneys fulfil an vital operate within the physique. They act as a degree of cleansing, filtering out dangerous substances from the physique. They additionally produce the urine that’s excreted via the bladder. The downside is that kidney illness is usually recognized too late. In the early levels there are hardly any signs. It is just within the later levels that sufferers expertise, for instance, nausea, tiredness and a boring ache within the kidney area. If the kidney tissue turns into diseased, the kidneys can solely work to a restricted extent. The remaining stage, kidney failure, is life-threatening. The kidneys not operate and can’t excrete dangerous substances, leaving the physique at risk of being poisoned.

Reactif urine check for self-use, determines 11 parameters concurrently.

The Reactif urine check was designed as a self-test for residence use. The urine check strips assist you to examine 11 completely different parameters concurrently. Please observe: In the occasion of any irregularities in your outcomes, please seek the advice of your physician for a extra correct analysis.

Proteins. A excessive degree of proteins in urine can point out irritation of the kidneys. In sufferers belonging to threat teams (comparable to these with diabetes or hypertension), measuring protein ranges in urine can help the early detection of the beginnings of kidney injury.

A excessive leukocyte (white blood cell) rely in urine can point out irritation of the kidneys, genitals or urinary tract.

Blood (haemoglobin). No blood must be current in urine. Its presence can point out, for instance, a urinary tract an infection or kidney/bladder stones.

Nitrite. In the absence of micro organism, nitrite just isn’t present in urine. If it’s current, this will point out pyelonephritis (an an infection of the kidneys).

Glucose (sugar). Urine normally comprises so little glucose that it might not present up on a urine check strip. Raised urinary sugar ranges can point out diabetes or kidney illness.

Bilirubin is a pure metabolite, produced throughout the physique’s personal breakdown of purple blood cells within the spleen. Elevated ranges can point out a illness of the liver or gall bladder.

Urobilinogen. The detection of urobilinogen in urine aids a extra exact analysis of liver and biliary tract illnesses. Urobilinogen is shaped throughout the breakdown of bilirubin within the intestine.

Ketones. Ketones are metabolic merchandise shaped when fats is damaged down, and are excreted within the urine. They are produced in bigger portions, for instance, in these with diabetes or a excessive fever.

pH-level. Provides data on the acid-base-balance. pH ranges rise when urine is simply too acidic, which may in flip point out a urinary tract an infection.

Specific gravity. This is the measure of urine density. A low urine particular gravity degree can happen in these with kidney illness. A excessive studying can be an indicator of cardiac insufficiency and liver illness.

Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). In excessive concentrations, ascorbic acid interferes with the detection of blood and glucose. It is subsequently used as a management panel to make sure that different values should not falsified.

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