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Mehfil-e-Sahir | Celebrating 100 years of Sahir Ludhianvi: Hussain Haidry reads ‘Main To Kuch Bhi Nahin’ – Art-and-culture News , Firstpost

For his delivery centennial, we’re presenting Sahir Ludhianvi’s phrases within the voice of latest lyricists. Here, Hussan Haidry discusses why ‘Main To Kuch Bhi Nahin’ is a uncommon exception within the poet-lyricist’s oeuvre.

आप क्या जाने मुझको समझतें हैं क्या?
Aap kya jaane mujhko samajhte hain kya?

मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं
Main to kuch bhi nahin

इस क़दर प्यार इतनी बडी भीड का मैं रखूंगा कहां
Is qadr pyaar itni badi bheed ka essential rakhunga kahaan

इस क़दर प्यार रखने के क़ाबिल नहीं मेरा दिल मेरी जां
Is qadr pyaar rakhne ke kaabil nahin mera dil meri jaan

मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत न दो दोस्तो
Mujhko itni mohabbat na do doston

सोच लो दोस्तो
Soch lo doston

इस क़दर प्यार कैसे सम्भालूंगा मैं
Is qadr pyaar kaise sambhaalunga essential

मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं
Main to kuch bhi nahin


प्यार एक शख़्स का भी अगर मिल सके
Pyaar ek shaqs ka bhi agar mil sake

तो बडी चीज़ है ज़िन्दगी के लिए
To badi cheez hai zindagi ke liye

आदमी को मगर ये भी मिलता नहीं
Aadmi ko magar ye bhi milta nahin

मुझको इतनी मोहब्बत मिली आपसे
Mujhko itni mohabbat mili aapse

ये मेरा हक़ नहीं मेरी तक़दीर है
Ye mera haq nahi meri taqdeer hai

मैं ज़माने की नज़रों में कुछ भी न था
Main zamaane ki nazron me kuch bhi na tha

मेरी आँखों में अब तक वो तस्वीर है
Meri aankhon me ab tak woh tasveer hai

इस मोहब्बत के बदले, मैं क्या नज़र दूं
Is mohabbat ke badle, essential kya nazar doon

मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं
Main to kuch bhi nahin


इज़्ज़तें शोहरतें चाहतें उल्फ़तें
Izzatein shauhratein chaahtein ulfatein

कोई भी चीज़ दुनिया में रहती नहीं
Koi bhi cheez duniya me rehti nahin

आज मैं हूं जहां कल कोई और था
Aaj essential hoon jaha kal koi aur tha

ये भी एक दौर है वो भी एक दौर था
Ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha


आज इतनी मोहब्बत न दो दोस्तो
Aaj itni mohabbat na do doston

कि मेरे कल की ख़ातिर न कुछ भी रहे
Ki mere kal ki khatir na kuch bhi rahe

आज का प्यार थोडा बचा कर रखो
Aaj ka pyaar thoda bacha kar rakho

मेरे कल के लिये
Mere kal ke liye

कल जो गुमनाम है, कल जो सुनसान है
Kal jo gumnaam hai, kal jo sunsaan hai

कल जो अंजान है, कल जो वीरान है
Kal jo anjaan hai, kal jo veeran hai

मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं हूं
Main to kuch bhi nahin hoon

मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं
Main to kuch bhi nahin


“What is the secret behind Sahir Ludhianvi’s everlasting appeal?” Surinder Deol asks in an essay for Firstpost, inspecting the poet-lyricist’s life and legacy within the 12 months of his 100th delivery anniversary.

Mehfil-e-Sahir is Firstpost‘s ode to Ludhianvi, a set of video tributes by seven main Hindi movie lyricists — from Varun Grover to Kausar Munir, Irshad Kamil, Shellee, Raj Shekhar, Mayur Puri and Hussain Haidry.

Each of those lyricists has picked the verses that talk most to them, explaining why Sahir’s phrases resonate even three many years after his dying.

Sahir Ludhianvi was born on 8 March 1921, in Ludhiana. His poetry and movie lyrics from the 1940s onwards made him wildly fashionable, and earned him titles corresponding to “the individuals’s poet” and “bard of the underdog”.

“Today we are witnessing new threats to democracy and secularism… In this context, Sahir’s voice is essential,” Deol notes in his Firstpost essay. “The values he championed are here to stay for the better part of this century.”

View the entire Mehfil-e-Sahir sequence right here.


Hussain Haidry reads: ‘Main To Kuch Bhi Nahin’ (Daag, 1973)

Ludhianvi’s poems or nazms had this distinctive lyrical high quality to it that made them simply apt sufficient for use as songs in movies. There are many nazms of the celebrated poet-lyricist that went on to develop into memorable songs, be it Khubsoorat Mod which is popularly identified by the music ‘Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se Ajnabee Ban Jaaye Hum Dono’ from the 1963 movie Gumraah , or Chakle that we additionally know as ‘Jinhen Naaz Hai Hind Par’ from Guru Dutt’s 1957 Pyaasa.

‘Main To Kuch Bhi Nahin’ is, nevertheless, a uncommon exception. “Ludhianvi wrote this nazm after receiving quite a few congratulatory messages and accolades upon being conferred with the Padma Shri in 1971. The nazm was titled ‘Aaj Ka Pyaar Thoda Bacha Kar Rakho’,” mentions Hussain Haidry. Unlike his different poems, this wasn’t made right into a music. In truth, it was learn out as a monologue by Rajesh Khanna in Yash Chopra’s 1973 movie Daag. In the scene, Khanna’s character can be being honoured with some award and he says this poem as a thanksgiving observe amid thunderous applause from the viewers.

“This nazm is a favorite of mine as a result of not like most Urdu poems, its strains aren’t on a single metre. It would not have stanzas; it is extra like a free-flowing verse. Yet, it has a rhythmic sample which is maybe additionally a purpose why it sounds rhythmic when it’s used as a monologue within the movie,” provides Haidry.

Editorial help, textual content and coordination by Suryasarathi Bhattacharya | Video edited by Akshay Jadhav | Art by Satwik Gade

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