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Making Biryani At Home? Beware Of These 10 Common Mistakes!


  • Biryani may be of many sorts
  • Biryani is all the time related to indulgence
  • Biryani is derived from Persian phrase Biryan, which implies fried or grilled

Whether you’re planning a celebration or a gathering, or are merely craving feast match for royals- you already know that one factor that won’t disappoint. Yes, we’re certainly speaking about Biryani. The one-pot meal has captured the flamboyant of billions. Biryani is actually a mix of meat, spices and rice, which can sound like a cakewalk on paper, however it is just while you get down to creating it do you realise that it’s not as straightforward because it sounds. There are a variety of components that may make or break your biryani, the ratio of rice, the spices you employ, the amount of spices you employ, the meat you cook dinner and many others. We requested Chef Hitein Puri of Cafe Staywoke (Gurgaon) and Chef Devraj Sharma of Crowne Plaza (New Delhi Okhla) to inform us a number of frequent errors that may very well be ruining our biryanis

Here Are Some Common Mistakes We Do While Making Biryani At Home:

1. Not Knowing The Quality Of The Rice
Usually, those aged for longer require as much as 30 minutes for soaking, whereas the lesser aged varieties require no more than 10 minutes. This performs an vital position within the completed product.

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You can to be very cautious in regards to the rice you select.

2. Underestimating The Power Of Aroma
Biryani with out its quintessential aroma is an enormous fail. In eating places, cooks all the time use quite a lot of fragrant spices or brokers simply earlier than placing the biryani for dum. You can even make your individual dum masala which is 2 half elaichi and 1 half javitri powder or Kewra or rose water. One can even use brown onions, mint, coriander and even halved lemons.

3. Get Your Biryani Jhol Right
This is a method that the majority eating places hold to themselves. If you aren’t assured about cooking the meat and rice collectively, you possibly can “pre-dum cook” the rice in what we name a biryani jhol- a great deal of ghee cooked with complete spices after which topped with milk, butter and cream. The fats helps in maintaining the rice separate and provides an expensive really feel. Once the rice is 40% accomplished, take it out from the water and cook dinner the rice as much as 80-100% within the jhol, coated with a lid on low warmth. You can then use this rice for dum cooking along with your alternative of meat or vegetable.

4. Seasoning Your Water May Help 
The water to cook dinner the rice have to be seasoned adequately. The water must be on a barely saltier aspect earlier than you set the rice in. The rice will take in the water and be completely seasoned by the point it is cooked. So, if the full quantity of water and rice is 1.5kg, including 15gms of salt in water is right.

5. Being Mindful About The Ratio Of Onions Is A Good Idea
As a rule of thumb, the onion to rice ratio must be at the least 1:2. Additionally, maintaining a handful of brown onion is extraordinarily important in making wonderful biryani.

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Onions are vital for good high quality biryani

6. Choosing Wrong Grain Of Basmati
Always select the long-grained Basmati rice over short-grained rice. Due to heavy starch content material, short-grained rice tends to show mushy.

7. Overcooking Rice
The rice must be parboiled earlier than we combine it with meat, spices and different components after which cooked once more. Undercooking or overcooking of rice calls of a particular catastrophe.

8. Not Giving Adequate Steam.
Lots of people complain that their Biryani could be very dry. The secret lies in excellent steaming. The warmth must be simply sufficient to boost the steam and no more. One can guarantee excellent warmth distribution through the use of a heavy ‘tawa’ beneath the pot. Don’t neglect to make use of the kneaded dough to seal the lid.

9. Treat Rice And Masala Separately Is Advisable
Contrary to in style opinion, Biryani isn’t a spicy mixture of meat, spices and rice. In actuality, we’re imagined to deal with the rice and the combo individually. The flavour of rice must be refined, whereas the combo must be interfused with flavours.

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Masalas make the biryani prime notch
Photo Credit: iStock


10. Make Your Own Masala, If You Can
I’d additionally suggest utilizing uncooked spices resembling cinnamon sticks, cloves, recent bay leaves and star anise so as to add to the true flavours. Homemade fried onions are any day higher than the store-bought ones which lack flavour and aroma.

Keep the following pointers in thoughts and put up an awesome present! Happy cooking!

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