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Madhya Pradesh Villagers Walk Through Rocky Terrain In Scorching Heat For Water

Villagers stroll nearly 4 kilometres every day for water

Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh:

Villagers of Patapur in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur District are compelled to stroll lengthy distances on rocky terrain in intense warmth to fetch water for ingesting and different makes use of.

The village has just one tube effectively which is insufficient to fulfill the wants of all its residents.

Women and aged males are compelled to stroll kilometers by way of troublesome rocky paths within the scorching warmth to fetch water from the close by pure streams.

“In order to fetch water, we have to walk kilometers along the rocky terrains to reach the water streams. There is no other route and it is very dangerous. We request the administration to arrange water facilities in our village. Since this village was set up, people have been facing this problem. But, nothing has been done,” stated Barelal, a villager.

“We walk two to four kilometers to fetch water and it takes us almost three hours. The entire family goes to fetch water, and we spend most of our time doing this,” stated Maniram, one other villager.

“We have to go down to the trench to get water. The water there gets infected by insects too. Even if bore wells are dug, the water is not sufficient, which is a major problem for us all,” stated Paramlal, a villager.

“Our main concern is safety. We are scared that someone might get hurt while crossing the rocky terrain. The entire day goes in collecting water. The entire family has to go, and we have no choice as we need water. We have received no help from the administration so far, and we hope that the issue is resolved so that the children don’t face similar problems in the future,” stated Ramdulari, one other villager.

The Zila Panchayat CEO stated that the involved authorities have been directed to submit a report in order that the difficulty could be resolved on the earliest.

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