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Indian-Origin Singaporean Sikh Couple To Release Docuseries On Guru Nanak

Amardeep Singh and his spouse Vininder Kaur will launch the weekly episodes of the docuseries.


An Indian-origin Singaporean Sikh couple might be releasing on-line a 24-episode docuseries that chronicles the huge expanse of websites that had been visited by Guru Nanak throughout his lifetime.

Amardeep Singh and his spouse Vininder Kaur will launch the weekly episodes of the docuseries for free of charge on the web site, Mr Singh mentioned on Friday. It can even be obtainable for obtain.

In the subsequent section, the docuseries, produced by ‘Lost Heritage Productions’ and ‘SikhLens Productions’, might be translated into Punjabi and Hindi.

Over 550 years in the past, Guru Nanak travelled throughout the distant lands of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tibet, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka for over twenty years on an altruistic pursuit to unfold the message of the oneness of creation.

To relate with folks of various cultures and perception methods, Guru Nanak engaged in philosophical and social dialogue, and thru the medium of phrases and music, he gracefully imparted experiential and religious insights, fearlessly challenged the binary constructs of society, and relentlessly opposed gender, non secular, racial and sophistication inequalities.

In the 21st century, geopolitical restrictions and cultural mandates impose immense challenges to hint Guru Nanak’s intensive travels as roughly 70 per cent of the locations he travelled to fall in geographies the place filming is troublesome.

However, in January 2019, the Mr Singh and Ms Kaur led staff launched into a journey to retrace Guru Nanak’s footsteps.

“This herculean task, extending far beyond personal ambition, is aimed with a passion to preserve Guru Nanak’s teachings that perceives no borders or human divisions,” mentioned Mr Singh in a press launch.

Aided with the analytical examine of the oldest ‘Janamsakhis’ (biographies of Guru Nanak) and supported by the allegorical messages in Guru Nanak’s verses, the staff spent over three years filming all of the geographies and multi-faith websites visited by Guru Nanak to current his life occasions within the type of a 24-episode docuseries.

Undeterred by adversities, they travelled from the deserts of Mecca in Saudi Arabia to Mount Kailash in Tibet, explored distant areas of perilous Afghanistan, skilled the scorching warmth in Iraq, scaled the arid Baluchi mountains in Pakistan, sailed throughout the waters of the Indian Ocean to disembark in Sri Lanka, blended with the Persian tradition in Iran, crossed the delta area in Bangladesh and mapped all 4 instructions in India.

Commenting on the docuseries, Dr. Mohammad H. Qayoumi, President Emeritus, San Jose State University, mentioned, “As a practising Muslim, I have found this docuseries filled with symbolic spiritual messages of Guru Nanak which will be enjoyable for everyone who has a curious mind. I highly recommend them to all viewers.”

For Amardeep and Vininder, each second in Guru Nanak’s footsteps was philosophically liberating. It inspired them to problem their very own conditioning, unlearn, relearn and assimilate the fantastic thing about unity in variety.

“In a world that is so fragile and volatile, there has never been a better time to understand why Guru Nanak travelled for 22 years to share his experiential wisdom and propagate the oneness of humankind,” mentioned Ms Singh.

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