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Indian-Origin Neurosurgeon Helps Save Israeli Twins Conjoined At The Head: Report

The physician discovered the household’s delight on the success of the operation “deeply moving”.


A world-renowned Indian-origin pediatric neurosurgeon within the UK has helped a gaggle of Israeli medical doctors to efficiently function on a pair of twins conjoined on the head, with the infants now more likely to lead regular lives, a media report mentioned.

This is for the primary time that Dr. Noor Ul Owase Jeelani, who was born in Kashmir and works at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, agreed to hold out such a surgical procedure exterior the UK when contacted by medical doctors at Israel’s Soroka hospital, in accordance with a report in The Times of Israel (TOI).

He and his colleague, Professor David Dunway, are globally seen as specialists on such instances.

Mr Jeelani mentioned, “from a doctor’s point of view, we’re all one” and that drugs transcends all divisions.

“He said that the fact that a Kashmir-born Muslim doctor scrubbed up alongside an Israeli team to help a Jewish family was a reminder of the universal nature of medicine,” the report quoted him as saying.

“It was a fantastic family that we helped,” Mr Jeelani mentioned, including, as I’ve mentioned all my life, all youngsters are the identical, no matter color or faith”.

“The distinctions are man-made. A child is a child. From a doctor’s point of view, we’re all one,” he emphasised.

The physician discovered the household’s delight on the success of the operation “deeply moving”.

“There was this very special moment when the parents were just over the moon. I have never in my life seen a person smile, cry, be happy, and be relieved at the same time. The mother simply couldn’t believe it, we had to pull up a chair to help her to calm down,” Mr Jeelani instructed the information portal.

Mr Jeelani is alleged to have additionally labored for months on the surgical procedure of the Israeli twins.

“We’ve been involved right from the start, talking to the team in Israel and planning it with them over a period of six months,” he mentioned.

“This latest surgery fulfills a key objective of our charity, namely, to empower local teams abroad to undertake this complex work, successfully utilising our experience, knowledge, and skills gained over the past 15 years with our previous four sets of twins,” the neurosurgeon careworn.

It can also be a significant achievement for the medical workforce at Israel’s Soroka hospital that managed this advanced operation regardless of having by no means carried out such a surgical procedure.

It concerned sophisticated on-the-spot selections concerning which blood vessel to present to which twin, and assessing in real-time the influence that rapid selections had been having on the functioning of the brains, the report mentioned.

Mr Jeelani has carried out 4 different such surgical procedures on twins who had been conjoined on the head with fused skulls, intertwined brains, and shared blood vessels.

His involvement with conjoined twins began in 2017 when a neurosurgeon from Peshawar, Pakistan, requested him to function on similar conjoined twins, Safa and Marwa, born three months earlier to a girl from rural northern Pakistan.

He raised the cash for the surgical procedure from a Pakistani oil dealer known as Murtaza Lakhani and, with Dunaway, efficiently carried out the operation after a whole bunch of hours of preparation.

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