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Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fake Ballots Used In Election – NewsNet

President Trump Attorney Sidney Powell is claiming that she has detailed proof, that Judges haven’t seen of huge election fraud together with of digital manipulation of votes, overseas interference and the prohibiting of ballot watchers from observing.

If you keep in mind, Powell was the legal professional who blew the General Michael Flynn case broad open by discovering the proof wanted to show that the FBI had a plan to ‘set him [Flynn] as much as get him  to lie so we are able to arrest him or get him fired.”

Powell, who not too long ago launched an almost 300 web page binder of paperwork containing proof of voter fraud from her investigation, not too long ago gave a radio interview speaking about her findings.

“So for 5 states on election night is absolutely unprecedented,” she defined. “And they did it because the vote count for the Electoral College was about to hit 270 for President Trump.”

Powell additionally stated the concept of faux ballots is actual,

“This was a masterful Machiavellian scheme by all of the folks that pulled it off, and so they coated with the pretend ballots. There are tons of 1000’s of faux ballots that had been generated and shipped throughout the nation the evening of the election,  in the course of the evening and others that had been shipped beforehand to be in place in numerous cities,” Powell stated “Mainly the most corrupt Democrat strongholds that stopped counting votes the night of the election until they could get the new ballots they needed to  back fill into the system  to try to create the votes they needed  make Biden appear to win.”

Powell continued,

“The flipping of votes by Dominion is even advertised on their ability to do that, to run a fraction, to make a Biden vote count 1.26% and a Trump vote to only count 0.74%, They done it in other foreign countries, they’ve done it in this country.”

Powell went on to say that Trump gained in a landslide victory

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