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Homemade Chocolate Recipe: 2-Ingredient Condensed Milk Chocolates

Worried about your subsequent chocolate repair? We have the right recipe for you. These dense beauties are good for a chocolaty indulgence and are virtually pretty much as good as chocolate truffles. Yes, we stated it! Unlike most do-it-yourself chocolate that requires you to have ‘chocolate’ readily available, this recipe requires solely two substances and none of them is precise chocolate. Follow the recipe and you should have with you barely sticky and chewy candy cocoa flavoured sweets very quickly. These wealthy and fudgy sweets are what goals are manufactured from!

Here Is The 2-Ingredient Condensed Milk Chocolate Recipe:


As talked about earlier, all you require are two substances!

Condensed Milk: You can both purchase 180 grams of sweetened condensed milk from the market or make your personal at residence. Making your personal is extremely really helpful because it permits you to modify the sweetness in line with your desire, however in the event you like your sweets additional candy, store-bought works too.

Cocoa Powder: From common cocoa to cacao to Dutch-processed, any cocoa powder will do. Dutch-processed isn’t as bitter as plain cocoa, however once more, will depend on your desire. You will want 60 grams of it.

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  • Warm-up your condensed milk in a microwave or on the range until it’s runny. Make certain you don’t warmth it up an excessive amount of. It ought to simply be heat sufficient to not be as thick. This step is particularly essential if the condensed milk had been sitting within the fridge.
  • Sift in your cocoa powder within the condensed milk. Make certain you do that in parts fairly than dumping it all of sudden. This will enable you in avoiding lumps.
  • Once the combination will get too laborious to combine by way of a spatula, use your palms to roll it right into a easy dough. It must be easy to the touch fairly than sticky. If your dough is simply too sticky, use extra cocoa powder. If you’re feeling prefer it too dry, add extra of the condensed milk.
  • Spread the dough onto an oblong mould or a baking tray as evenly as potential. Use your fingers to easy it out and make it as uniform as potential.
  • Chill for a minimum of three hours and even in a single day.

Pull out your tray from the fridge and dowse it with a beneficiant coating of cocoa powder once more. The topping is after all not necessary. You may even sprinkle some powdered sugar on it as a substitute of extra cocoa. Cut it into neat rectangular items and revel in your epic 2-ingredient chocolate. If you handle to not end the entire tray by the tip of the day, you’ll be able to retailer it within the fridge for as much as per week and even freeze it for 3 months.

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