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First Take| Khaike Paan Masala Wala! When stars like Amitabh Bachchan take stand in opposition to endorsing doubtful products-Entertainment News , Firstpost

Paan masala is injurious to well being. But not endorsing hazardous merchandise is injurious to wealth.

Amitabh Bachchan in a paan masala advert that now stands withdrawn

Once upon a time, when Salman Khan insisted on hanging round in my firm, he advised me he would by no means kiss and even contact his heroines .

“Never? Isn’t that a little extreme?” I had requested him.

“No, I will never do it. Our culture doesn’t permit a public display of intimacy. There are so many ways of showing  romance and love on screen.”

Just a few hours after the dialog, Salman in an inebriated state, behaved in a way fairly opposite to his gentlemanly assertions made earlier.

But stars, despite the contradictory pulls and pushes, do take a stand. Not all of them are like Anil Kapoor, who straight-faced advised me he didn’t know the tune ‘Khada Hai’  had a double which means when he lip-synced it for Juhi Chawla in David Dhawan’s Andaz.

Bollocks! Feigning innocence is simply not going to work any extra. If you’re a super-celebrity, you can’t be endorsing a cancerous agent like paan masala. We have been seeing Ajay Devgan and Shah Rukh Khan do it for ages. What is their excuse?

None in any respect. They really feel they owe nobody a proof, a stance which simply is not going to work.

Telugu famous person Mahesh Babu thinks it’s not possible for actors to shrug off their social duty. “I think we are at that stage of life in our country where it has become very important for each one of us to have a national conscience, social sensitivity, and certain amount of strength to speak. And cinema is a great medium to do that. I am not trying to force social responsibility on the audience but definitely trying to give a perspective.”

Pierce Brosnan claimed he had no concept in regards to the deleterious unwanted side effects of gutka and paan masala when he  endorsed a kind of merchandise. Really? It is like having dinner with Osama bin Laden and  saying you by no means knew he had a reference to the destruction of the World Trade Centre. It is time celebrities made complete  inquiries earlier than endorsing a product. When future bestows such irregular ranges of stardom on you, it is advisable to be extra cautious of what you do with it.

Bollywood actors like Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Manoj Bajpai, and  Rajneesh Duggal are seen endorsing paan masala and gutka in advertisements screened on numerous digital and non-digital  shops.

Sources from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry say it intends to clamp down very closely on celebrities endorsing alcohol and nicotine merchandise. Until then, actors can go proper forward pretending they have no idea something.

You see, cigarette is injurious to well being. But not endorsing hazardous merchandise is injurious to wealth.

Farhan Akhtar feels the time for stars to cover behind their self curiosity of their typically questionable public conduct is over. “It’s really not enough anymore to say one is here only to entertain, and not reform society. That’s just an escapist attitude. The celebrity status comes with a responsibility. However, I really wouldn’t want to comment on what others do or should do. I can only speak for myself. To me, it is very important to be a socially responsible citizen while working in my various other capacities as actor, filmmaker, and singer.”

Akhtar feels it’s essential for actors to be the perfect variations of themselves in public. “It’s very important to try to be the best human being that one can be. That doesn’t mean you try to be or do things that you are not. Everyone makes mistakes. I am quite certain I’ve made my share of mistakes. But the important thing is to try and do the right thing. To remember that the public’s eyes are on us all the time. So  try to be on your best behaviour as much as possible. One may not always succeed. But there is much to be said in favour of a sincere attempt to do the right thing.”

For years, a well-liked annual awards occasion had been sponsored by flush-with-funds firms, a few of them promoting doubtful merchandise. While earlier, nobody questioned the ethics of awards being sponsored by allegedly  cancerous merchandise, in 2019, the awards perform bought itself right into a spot .

A letter  from the workplace of  the Joint Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration, addressed to the CEO/organisers of the Filmfare Awards, requested why Vimal, recognized to supply gutka and tobacco merchandise that are banned in Maharashtra, is onboard as a sponsor for the award occasion.

A health-conscious famous person recognized for his patriotic cinema and clear picture noticed this discover as a “timely warning.” “For years, these awards have been co-sponsored by paan masala and gutka makers. For me, there isn’t a distinction between  these and underworld funds. Both are unlawful. Both kill. The awards’ organisers needs to be ashamed to depend on doubtful funds,” says this in style hero of the lots, and  provides jokingly, “Don’t quote me. They’ll never give me an award if you do.”

That is the entire self-defeating  level of celebrities affording the luxurious of a social conscience: it really works solely when it doesn’t have an effect on self-interest. Bob Dylan is incorrect. The Times, they actually aren’t altering.

Subhash Ok Jha is a Patna-based journalist. He has been writing about Bollywood for lengthy sufficient to know the trade inside out.

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