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Drinking Raw Milk May Lead To Various Health Risks – Finds Study

Cow milk has all the time been touted to be some of the nutritious meals around the globe, however the uncooked or unpasteurised type of milk will not be as useful because it appears. A latest research by the researchers at University of California, Davis, discovered that consumption of uncooked milk, which is left at a room temperature, might result in foodborne sickness. It can also be a supply of micro organism containing transferrable antimicrobial resistance genes. For the unversed, antimicrobial resistance is outlined as the flexibility of a microbe to withstand the results of anti-biotic medicine. And as per the Centers for Disease Control, every year, virtually three million individuals within the United States get affected by antibiotic-resistant an infection. The findings had been revealed within the journal Microbiome.

The researchers examined greater than 2000 milk samples from completely different components of the United States, together with uncooked milk and milk pasteurised in varied methods. It was discovered that uncooked milk had the best prevalence of antibiotic-resistant microbes when left at room temperature.

“Our study shows that with any temperature abuse in raw milk, whether intentional or not, it can grow these bacteria with antimicrobial resistance genes,” stated co-author Michele Jay-Russell, analysis microbiologist and supervisor with the UC Davis Western Center for Food Safety. “It’s not just going to spoil. It’s really high risk if not handled correctly,” Jay-Russel added.

The researchers, nevertheless, acknowledged that this research had no intention to scare individuals; quite it was to teach them. “If you want to keep drinking raw milk, keep it in your refrigerator to minimise the risk of it developing bacteria with antibiotic-resistant genes,” stated lead writer Jinxin Liu, a postdoctoral researcher within the Department of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis.

However, additional research are wanted to grasp the results of antibiotic-resistant genes in uncooked milk on human well being.

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