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Cindy McCain says her husband John McCain would have needed Biden acknowledged as President-elect

Cindy McCain believes her husband, who handed away in 2018, can be telling his Republican colleagues, “It is time that we move on. It’s time that we heal, it’s time that we support our President-elect,” she instructed CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Friday.

Cindy McCain, who endorsed the previous vice chairman and is a part of his transition workforce, additionally instructed Camerota that along with supporting the President-elect, her husband would “encourage the (General Services Administration) to release the funds so that he can get on with his transition team.” The company has but to formally acknowledge Biden’s victory, thus denying him some funds for his transition in addition to entry to some nationwide safety instruments.

Arizona has all the time been “a very moderate state,” McCain instructed Camerota Friday morning, “but in this case, I think it was more about the person that’s in the White House right now than it was so much a referendum on anything else.”

McCain mentioned she anticipated Biden to win in Arizona however that the official projection is “wonderful.”

Cindy McCain: John McCain 'would be very pleased' at Biden's win

“I think Vice President Biden is going to make an incredible president, and not only that, I think that his standards, his values, the things that he’s — that he works for, working together, working across the aisle, making sure that he does things not for himself but for the good of the country, those are the values that he’s always had, and I look forward to watching him and participating in this down the line,” McCain mentioned Friday.

McCain, who was featured in a video that aired throughout the Democratic National Convention, leaned closely into Biden’s character and empathy in her endorsement and mentioned she hoped to achieve suburban girls who might have been on the fence on who to help. She additionally appeared in an October advert for the Biden marketing campaign, saying that he would “always fight for the American people, just like John did.”

On Friday, McCain once more spoke to the similarities between Biden’s character and that of her husband.

“John was one that stood for the deep honor and democratic process that this country represents,” she mentioned, including later that her husband was dedicated to working for the “good of the country.”

“He was always a voice for reason, especially on the issues of working together and making sure that we do it for the good of the country and not for personal gain,” she mentioned.

CNN’s Caroline Kelly contributed to this report.

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