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Capital Gazette: Maryland jury finds gunman criminally accountable and rejects his psychological sickness argument

He had already pleaded responsible however not criminally accountable in October 2019 to 23 counts, together with homicide, organising the trial the place a jury could be requested to find out his psychological state on the time of the taking pictures. In Maryland, the regulation permits for separate proceedings inside a trial to find out guilt and psychological competency if a defendant is utilizing an madness protection. The psychological competency section is the place legal duty is argued.
The trial started in late June following delays for quite a lot of causes, together with Covid-19, the Capital Gazette reported. The jury wanted lower than two hours to succeed in its verdict.

Anne Colt Leitess, state’s lawyer for Anne Arundel County and the lead prosecutor on the case, stated the decision was a “really bittersweet day” within the state capital of Annapolis, the place the newspaper was primarily based and the place the case was heard.

“It’s a day of closure for the family, and that they got to hear that the person who killed their loved ones, or tried to kill them, has been held criminally responsible,” she advised reporters.

John San Felice, father of Selene San Felice, who survived the taking pictures, spoke to reporters outdoors court docket.

“If you watched the evidence, you watched the trial, you saw that it was obvious that this man was a monster who needed to be put away permanently, and that’s what they’ve done,” he stated. “We’ll all sleep better tonight knowing that people like Jarrod Ramos are off the street.”

San Felice added: “Three hard years, three hard years we’ve suffered. They put an end to our suffering.”

Reached by CNN after the decision, Ramos’ protection staff declined to remark.

Victims and relations attended components of the trial, together with Thursday, stated Leitess, whereas additionally acknowledging the ache of those that didn’t wish to be within the courtroom.

Many who have been within the gallery at present wore crimson as an announcement.

“We wanted to wear red to show our solidarity with each other, with the people who helped save the survivors, with the jury and with all of you who report the news every day. Black, white and red all over,” Andrea Chamblee, whose husband John McNamara was killed within the taking pictures, advised reporters.

Ramos faces 5 life sentences with out the potential for parole plus one extra life sentence for tried homicide plus prolonged sentences for gun prices.

“I fully expect that the state will be able to get at least five life-without-parole sentences in this case,” Leitess stated. “This the most egregious case that our county has ever seen and probably one of the worst in the state of Maryland.”

He shall be sentenced at a later date.

CNN’s Kendall Lanier contributed to this report.

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