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Analysing the Otters’ lifestyle: Why this mammal is going through an existential disaster in India

Once otters have been obtainable the world over, however due to their fur-like pores and skin, the animal has fallen prey to hunters

A easy coat otter within the wild. Image credit score: Wikipedia

An otter seems to be like a mongoose however it’s greater than that. Once otters have been obtainable the world over, however due to their fur-like pores and skin, the animal has fallen prey to hunters. So, their numbers have declined.

Otters have been declared a protected animal in India and introduced underneath Section-2 of the Wildlife Act 1972. Their looking has been banned. Now, the federal government is looking for methods to protect them.

There are 13 sorts of otter on this planet. In India, otters have been labeled into three classes: The form of otters discovered within the sea, the Eurasian otters and those that reside in rivers, ponds and lakes. They are referred to as river otters. The sea otters that like to reside in waters eat shellfish by placing it in opposition to stones. It means this class of otters know learn how to use its intelligence as man and dolphins do.

Otters which have originated from Europe, Asia and North Africa, are referred to as Eurasian otters. In India, they are often present in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha, southern states and in Goa.

The second class of otters are coated with very tender fur. They are discovered within the valley of northern India, southern India, Maharashtra and in Goa. The third class of otters originate from jap a part of the world.

They have small paws and are discovered within the mountains of Assam, Himachal Pradesh and South India. Otters like to steer clear of human settlements. The otters reside in seas, rivers and lakes, however their holes could be discovered on the banks of those water our bodies. Otters could be discovered enjoying within the sea.

Size of otters
The size of an otter is usually between three and 5 toes. Its weight varies from 5 to 30 kg. Its physique is as skinny and so long as a rolling pin, however the animal could be very agile. Its ears and nostril are small. Its paws are small and membranous which assist the animal swim very quick.

Its tooth and nails are very sharp, which assist an otter to catch prey simply in addition to eat it. Their physique is roofed with two-layered fur. This protects them from getting moist and from chilly. The tail of the ocean otters is shorter than those residing in lakes and rivers, whose tails are brawny. So, it helps them stand.

When the otters swim their noses and ears are closed, so the water doesn’t enter into the physique. At the time of swimming otters can sleep and relaxation on their again. They are knowledgeable swimmers in addition to divers. They can dive 60 toes deep into the water. On the opposite hand, the otters that reside in seas can dive deeper than those residing in lakes and rivers can do.

Food, place of residing
The otters are expert hunters and keen on fish discovered within the rivers and within the seas. Besides, they prey upon snails, crabs, small birds flying across the water our bodies and numerous aquatic animals.

An otter can eat meals which is one fourth of its weight. The otters usually reside within the seas, rivers and lakes. They are so intelligent that they occupy the holes made by different animals.

Life span, breeding system
The common age of an otter is from 10 to 16 years. A feminine otter can breed after three years of its start. It breeds in water. The eyes of a child otter open after one month of its start. It stays with the mom for one yr and, after that, it lives independently.

Dr Shailendra Shrivastava who retired as director basic of Madhya Pradesh Police additionally labored as an officer within the Indian Forest Service. Shrivastava who has performed PhD in botany (forest ecology) has been writing articles on wildlife and atmosphere for various nationwide and worldwide magazines for a few years. Views expressed are private

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