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Amarinder Singh Urges For Tough Stand On China, Says Can’t Push Us Around

“We want peace, but they cannot push us around,” Amarinder Singh stated


Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday urged the Centre to take a troublesome stand on the persevering with border stand-off with China if the neighbouring nation was not responding to the diplomatic efforts to resolve the difficulty.

The drawback must be resolved by means of negotiations and diplomacy however “we cannot turn our back to the threat posed by the aggressive moves of China at the border,” Captain Singh stated.

As sovereign nations, each the international locations ought to discover a diplomatic resolution to the issue, stated Captain Singh, including that India “does not want war but we will not accept bullying by China”.

“We want peace, but they cannot push us around,” he stated, asserting that the Chinese needed to be pushed again out of the Indian Territory.

Asserting that India can not maintain permitting its land to go away, the chief minister stated if the risk is just not countered, China will demand increasingly land sooner or later, which can’t be permitted at any value.

Citing the Doklam standoff, he identified that such provocations on the a part of China had been frequent, and so they had “encroached the Indian territory even in Aksai Chin, and had resorted to similar actions in Arunachal Pradesh”.

Attempts have been made by China prior to now to put claims on Indian land in Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh too, the chief minister stated.

China has to depart the Indian Territory into which they’ve now moved and on which they don’t have any proper, he stated, warning that the Indian armed forces had been now rather more modernised and outfitted than they had been again in 1962, and “China cannot not afford to take us lightly”.

Asked in regards to the threats of disturbance to mark the Operation Blue Star anniversary on Saturday, the chief minister stated no person could be allowed to disrupt the peace of Punjab.

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