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Alive film evaluate: Watching Netflix’s zombie thriller is like reliving the horror of the lockdown – hollywood

Director – Cho Il-hyung
Cast – Yoo Ah-in, Park Shin-hye

For a movie that appears to exist solely as a result of somebody thought slapping a zombie mod onto Home Alone can be a good suggestion, #Alive is a reasonably creative apocalyptic thriller that’s given added heft due to the raging pandemic.

Joon-woo (Yoo Ah-in) wakes up one morning to seek out that his dad and mom have already gone to work, abandoning directions for him — a sloppy teen gamer — on how you can maintain himself whereas they’re out. Considering the character of a number of the directions — “buy groceries” — Joon-woo looks like the kind of man who’d barely have the ability to final a day with out his mother making a meal for him. But little does he know that in a matter of minutes, his life goes to be solely about studying to maintain himself.

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He activates the TV and is met with some regarding information. The folks of Seoul appear to have been consumed by rage. Their eyes are bleeding, and so they’re attacking folks. Some of them, the newsreader whispers, seem to have developed cannibalistic urges. As mass hysteria erupts exterior his condo, Joon-woo’s mind connects the dots: zombies.

What unfolds is a movie that’ll make you relive horror of the nightmarish coronavirus lockdown. As Joon-woo fortifies his condo, satisfied that staying at house is the most secure wager, the virus consumes the populace at a daunting fee exterior. Soon, the web providers shut down and the meals runs out. Joon-woo leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to outlive — he flies a drone round his condo advanced to survey the realm, sends out SOS messages on Twitter, and even tries rationing — however simply when he’s about to surrender, assist involves him.

Yoo Ah-in as Joon-woo, in a nonetheless from #Alive, on Netflix.

It’s a neighbour, Yoo-bin (Park Shin-hye), who’s been isolating in her own residence throughout the yard, and like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, has been spying on Joon-woo for days, it appears. There’s an immediate connection.

Do you keep in mind that candy story of how a few New Yorkers fashioned a digital connection whereas quarantining at their properties on the peak of the pandemic? The man despatched the woman his quantity by way of drone, and earlier than they knew it, they have been having a romantic dinner on their respective rooftops, related by FaceTime. That’s kind of what occurs between Joon-woo and Yoo-bin in #Alive. As it seems, the human meat that the zombies feast on isn’t the one tender factor within the film.

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But whereas he patiently developes the love story, director Cho Il-hyung doesn’t skimp on the zombie motion. The prosthetics are constantly well-done, the set-pieces are nicely executed, and despite the fact that George A Romero would disapprove of the zombies’ lightning reflexes, Max Brooks can be happy with the protagonists’ ingenuity.

#Alive, in its third act, even has time for moments of surprising gravitas. While you have been absorbed by Joon-woo and Yoo-bin’s drama, the film suggests, equally transferring tales have been unfolding inside different flats. It’s like that transient second of realisation in Cloverfield — a movie shot within the discovered footage format — the place the protagonist’s digital camera captures one other particular person documenting the monster assault identical to him. Director Matt Reeves puzzled if a sequel could possibly be comprised of that particular person’s perspective. An identical alternative is accessible to Il-hyung right here. The pandemic isn’t going anyplace, neither is the viewers’s urge for food for strong zombie cinema.

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